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Terms & Conditions 
Sangeeth Group Mills Terms and Conditions For All Export Sales Contract
1   Country of Origin   India
2   Country of Shipment   India
3   Packing    Cone Wt : 1.890 kgs, No. Of cones / cartons : 24
  Net Weight of Cartons : 45.360 kgs
4   Tolerance   Your L/c. Must in variably provide+/-10% Tolerance in quantity and value
5   Quality   Grey Yarn
 6   Payment   A. A Payment by sight or usance period as per contract, from the date of
  bill of Lading for all deliveries by an unrestricted, irrevocable, without 
  recourse to drawees letter of credit for payment in Coimbatore.

Payment should be available with India of Negotiating Bank.

L/C Should permits reimbursement by T.T. to the Negotiating Bank.

L/C must be opened by first class international Bank and allow for
  confirmation by the Advising Bank

L/C must be advised through :
       State Bank of India, 
        Trade Finance CPD(05071)1443, Trichy Road 
       Coimbatore - 641018, India
        Phone No. 0422 - 2302283, Fax No. 0422-2302029,
        SWift : SBININBB613
7   L/C. Validity   A. L/C Must be opened within 15 days from the Contract date, or  
  otherwise the contract stays Cancelled.
  B. L/c must provide for negotiation within 15 days from the date of B/L for
  each shipment.
8   Transhipment & Partial
9   Bank Charges   All charges outside India Must be borne by the Openers
10   Force-De-Majure   Standard clause is applicable
11   Shipping   In Containers
12   Arbitration   All disputes or difference whatsoever arising between the parties out of or
  relating to the construction, meaning and operation or effect of this
  contract or the breach there of shall be settled by arbitration and the
  award made in pursuance thereof shall be binding on the parties.
13   Other Remarks   If the above terms and offer is accepted, the l/c should contain all the
  conditions in full if there is any omission due to oversight the L/C shall be
  amended suitably at openers cost only
14   Liner Restriction   Shippers free choice
15   Special Condition  
  • Do not mix lots with other Lots
  • The sellers have the option to cancel the contract if the L/C’s are not received as per the agreed shipment schedule.
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