Sangeeth Textiles Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Sangeeth Textiles Pvt Ltd

Shrini Softex India Limited

Cards Combers LR6 Ring Frames Simplex YCP Zeni
ISO - 9002 DNV Certified    OEKO - Tex Certified
  SANGEETH GROUP is committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services so that we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our sales, marketing, financial, customer service, technical and manufacturing personnel combine expertise with experience into a service group that we believe is unmatched and uniquely qualified to help our customers achieve their goals. 

  We are committed to providing the quality products that our customers demand long term capital investment and re-equipping with State-of-the-art processing equipment is central to our strategy to provide yarn products that consistently meet our customers’ quality and value expectations. Frontier invests in on-line and real-time quality control, monitoring and assurance systems that are integral to consistency of product quality.
Process Proven Machinery
  Blow Room   Trutzschler & Lakshmi Rieter
  Cards   Trutzschler & Lakshmi Rieter
  Draw Frame    LRSB851, RSB D30, D40, D45
  Combers   Rieter E 80 & Rieter E7/5
  Simplex   Lakshmi Rieter LF 1400A
  Ring Frames   Lakshmi LR6S & LR6AS
  Autocone Winders   Murata QPRO, Savio Polar
  Lab Facilities   Premier aQura, Premier iQ Qualicenter, Pemier ART, Premier Classic,
  Uster Tester 4, HVI (In-house facilities to check all yarn parameters and
  working closely with Research Associations)
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